Browser Games: The Good Ones


I’ve got to say, until last year I hadn’t played a single good browser game.  When I hear people talk about games, good things are never said about flash games.  Even in indie game circles, you have to stray pretty far from mainstream (that’s right, there are indie games other than Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, and Cave Story) to find people talking browser games.  Here are a few, though, that you can play right now.  Great games, made by one or two people.  There are fun, creative, and philosophical games here.

There are these robots, see...

Yeah. It's dark. Very dark.

First off, and one of my favorites, is Sanctuary 17.  It’s a sci-fi exploration game, tense because it only takes one careless turn to die, and the punishment for death is great.  There’s a pretty interesting story here, which you discover in a structured but not entirely linear way.  It’s great, and you can play it here, at the developer’s website.

What kind of loser are you, reading the alt-text.  What do you think this is, XKCD?  Good grief.

It's kind of a "feel-good" game

Next up is The Infinite Ocean, by Jonas Kyratzes.  It’s a philosophical, Asimov-inspired, sci-fi point-and-click.  Short, with fairly uninteresting gameplay, but it has a great story.  Play it, read it, here at Armor Games.

Uhhh... don't run into Nukes!  Trust me.  I've been down that road.  You won't like where it ends.

memo: walls = solid

Number three is Canabalt, a twitch-action platformer where you control some guy fleeing across rooftops from a robot invasion.  It’s simple, but super polished.  It’ll only take a few seconds to try, but you’ll probably spend way more time than that on it.  Play it here, at the developer (Adam Atomic)’s site.


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