About Me

Well, I go by the name “Spyro Conspiracy Theorist” around here, although if everyone thinks that’s a stupid name, I’ll probably change it, because I’m easily swayed by peer pressure.

I used Webs for about a year and a half.  You could find my blog there at www.totalfantasygeek.webs.com.

So, I’m a Game Designer.  I make a lot of artwork, both 2d and 3d, and I put that on here too.  So far, I’ve only published one game, called “Alienators,” and that can be found here.

The game I’m currently working on doesn’t have a set title yet–it’s just called “Project Oil.”  It’s a survival-horror-adventure-exploration game.  Think Zelda-meets-Resident Evil.  To see how that’s coming along so far, just look at my blog.  There’ll be further information and videos there.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. masterrosie says:

    Hey, Spyro. This is Ponstory Games (you know, the crazy dude on GIO who wants to be the creative director of a company someday…). You’re very ambitious, and I’d like to encourage you to keep at your work; never give up.

    Are you still developing Project Oil?

    • I’ve got it on the backburner at the moment while I try to improve my art (http://spyroconspirator.deviantart.com/). I’ve hit a brick wall of sorts, where I have lots of ideas I want to implement, but not enough and not enough STRONG ones to make it fun. I’ve got a little side-project that’s a lot better off at the moment, though: it’s a bit like Castle in the Sky meets old adventure games meets classic fantasy short stories. It’s going to be short, but I’m really liking how it’s coming along. I just need to /program/ it, which I’m no good at…
      Thank you for commenting, I figured no one would ever see this blog!

  2. masterrosie says:

    You’ve got a great start! You just need to advertise a little bit and throw your name out there.

    What game engine are you using to make Project Oil? (Was it free? There are a lot of really nice free 2D downloadable game kits out there you know.)

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