I really shouldn’t try to blog.  I used my old ‘Webs’ blog more as an art tumblr or dA account, and I’ve tried both of those now, and they’re substantially more effective at carrying out work they were designed to do.  The problem with a video-game dev blog is that it’s a slow, dull task.  I have made progress with Project Oil, but not as much as I’d have liked.  The hulking vehicle of a project is something I’ve been trying to rev up for about a year now, to no real avail.  I’ve rewritten the story about five times, and I don’t really have any idea how big it’s really going to be.  I’ve learned so much about programming that opening the file and seeing how badly I programmed it originally makes me squirm; it’s too late to rewrite everything, though.  I just have to trudge on.

And so, it’s with this in mind that I decided I needed a refresher.  A small project that would be fun and allow me to actually finish something for once.  I’m really loving it so far.

It’s set in an ancient floating castle, and you play as an adventurer trying to claim the glorious riches the castle holds.  The castle has a grim past, and the ghosts that float through the place breath life into the ancient security system.  It’s a sidescrolling exploration game, with an emphasis on story-telling.  There are only going to be a few areas.

It will look quite a bit like this:

I’m doing everything I can to make it as thoroughly-cut as possible.  This is going to be an exercise in fat-trimming as much as anything else, which is really something that I need to learn if I ever want to finish Project Oil.


About Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

I'm a game designer and I draw a lot.
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