Project Oil Art Style

I’ve been having trouble deciding on the art style for Project Oil.  I was going to make it all 2D sprites (which go well with the ridiculously simple lighting system), but I’m not good at drawing sprites in 3/4 overhead view.  So now I’m experimenting with rendered images of 3D models–seeing if it looks nice, and if it clashes with the lighting system, and if it’s even within the realm of possibility.  If I do go with 3D renderings for the sprites I might go with watercolor style backgrounds (or just make everything pre-rendered 3D), if they go well together.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got of my little test-subject:


monster w/ ambient occlusion


monster w/ lighting



The texture I’m using right now is just a temp, of course.  I just pasted it from some earlier concept art.


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I'm a game designer and I draw a lot.
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