Starting level design

I’ve been working on the AI.  I think I’ve got how it will work all planned out–it’s pretty simple–I just need to do the actual programming.

Also, I’ve been designing the first area.  There are going to be tons and tons of small details and a few items and stuff like that.  It’s coming along really well, although it’s pretty time consuming.  Really fun, though (can’t help but dread the time it’s gonna take to actually draw and program all these little details, especially since there are probably going to be TONS of rooms.  Just in the first ~5 minutes there’s probably twenty rooms.  Spread that over a couple (hopefully[?] several) hours, and this might take forever.  Ah, well.  I’ll work on the first five-minute-section, and if it takes a week to make each five minutes of gameplay, I’ll see what I can do to speed things up (or slow the player down?).


About Spyro Conspiracy Theorist

I'm a game designer and I draw a lot.
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