Small update

I’ve added the system for rotating out usable tools.  The flashlight now will only work when it’s the selected tool.

I’ve also been working on the camera.  In the videos I’ve showed thus far, it’s just followed the player, but now I’ll be doing it a bit differently. when the flashlight is in use, it’ll find the midpoint between you and the end of the light and center on that; when the gun is being shot, it’ll follow the bullet for a few seconds, but keep the player in view, and then just slide back towards the player.  For the rest of the time, it’ll still just follow the player.  Of course, if this turns out to just be annoying, I’ll probably just throw it out.  I think it’ll be good, though.

After this, I’ll just add the enemies and the gun, and then I’ll start working on actual levels.  I think I’ll ditch the idea of combining items.  There was a lot wrong with the whole idea.  First of all,I tried to think of some interesting things to do with that, but the leisurely-paced essence of item combining didn’t really seem to match the style of the rest of the game (tense, always alert).  Secondly, I don’t want the game to get bogged down with item management, which would be necessary with item combining due to the number of items needed for it to be interesting.  Thirdly, I couldn’t really think of anything to make combinable.

Have I ever talked about the setting for this game?  It’s changed a bit, and it’ll probably change a bit more, but right now it’s a small town on a moon.  It’s made up of a mining station (the surface is basically ice, and underneath is a huge ocean), living quarters, a couple of research facilities (one for astrobiological research and one for astromineralogical research), some exploration outposts (this game will take place entirely within the base, but I like the idea of a spin-off where you’re an explorer on the surface), and the “Roof,” which is the transport center, although it hasn’t been used in a long time since there haven’t been any new ships in.

I hope to squeeze in tons and tons of little details, plus a few hidden subplots.

I’ve haven’t really decided on a final name for the game, but I’m toying with the idea of calling it “Haven.”  Of course, that wouldn’t really be very relevant to the game, so I’ll likely not go with that.


possible title w/ image

Yeah… this is pretty bad…  I just used the built-in gimp brushes.  And I usually don’t do any typography stuff.


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